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Flow Calibration, Volume X, Coriolis, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Multiphase, Temp Sensors

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New Issue of Flowtimes - March 2019. Read it online here.

Secure Online Ordering is now available at www.FlowStudy.com for selected studies: Flow Calibration, Volume X, Coriolis, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Multiphase, and Temp Sensors.
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FREE CD: Flow Research has compiled a free CD called "Go with the Flow" that includes over 100 published and informative articles on flow and instrumentation. It also contains up-to-date information on our market studies. Order it today!

2017: The Year of Oil
How the Oil Price Crash Effected the Global Flowmeter Market -
Read this very important article by clicking here.

Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 6th Edition and Module A: Strategies, Industries & Applications are Both Now Shipping!

The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 5th Edition is Now Shipping!

The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters is now shipping! 

Module A: Watercut Meters is Now Shipping!

WORLDFLOW SUBSCRIBERS: Market Barometer Q1 2018 
Focus this Issue:

* MCAA Industry Form 2018
* Ultrasonic Flowmeter Market
* Company Korner: Endress+Hauser 

...and much more.
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WORLDFLOW SUBSCRIBERS: Energy Monitor Q1 2018 
Oil & Gas and Refining, Power & Renewables
In this issue:
* Issues & Perspective: 3rd Meeting of Flow Recalibration Working Group
* Global Spotlight: OPEC
* Company Korners: GE Refocuses

VIEW THE WEBINAR Learn about Coriolis Flowmeters Used to Measure Natural Gas and Oil Flow, presented by Dr. Jesse Yoder

US Patent Office Approves Yoder Dual Tube Meter - Read About It Here

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About Flow Research

Flow Research conducts market research studies in a wide variety of areas that can be purchased by anyone interested in the topics. We create these studies through interviews with suppliers, distributors, and end-users. We have available a market study on every type of flowmeter. Topics including Coriolis, magnetic, ultrasonic, vortex, positive displacement, and turbine flowmeters, as well as temperature sensors and pressure transmitters. We have published multiple editions of many of our studies.

Custom Projects

We also conduct custom projects for companies who are looking to expand their product line, merge with or acquire another company, or understand their customer needs better. We are very experienced at doing user surveys that reveal hidden problems, emerging applications, and new product requirements. We gather the data and analyze it in light of our wealth of data on instrumentation. We then formulate strategies that help you achieve your goals.

WorldFlow Monitoring Service

In addition to studies and projects, we publish periodicals as part of our Worldflow Monitoring Service. The Market Barometer helps companies stay on top of trends and technologies and interpret them so that they can make better business decisions. Our new Energy Monitor – an outgrowth of the Process Industry Monitor – focuses on developments in oil & gas, petrochemical, and renewable energy industries. It also reflects our increasing focus on the oil and gas flow markets. As part of the Worldflow Monitoring Service, we also produce periodic User Perspective reports and timely Flash Reports.

About Dr. Yoder

Dr. Jesse Yoder, founder of Flow Research, has been working in process control since 1986 and writing market research studies since 1990. He and his team have studied hundreds of companies during this time and have advised most of the top flowmeter suppliers on market and product strategies. Dr. Yoder has written over 250 market studies since 1990 and more than 280 technical articles on instrumentation published in industry journals, most of which can be found online at www.flowarticles.com. Go to www.flowstudies.com for a current list of our off-the-shelf studies available for immediate delivery.
Flow Research, Inc. | 27 Water Street | Wakefield, MA 01880 | (781) 245-3200 | (781) 224-7552 (fax) | (800) 245-1799 (from the USA) | info@flowresearch.com

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